El Congo RD, el genocidio del sXXI emitido en Channel 4 News UK

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El genocidio del Congo, reportaje emitido por Channel 4 News UK

 Ofelia de Pablo, Javier Zurita, Hakawatifilm, Congo, Genocidio, Channel 4 News, Fotoperiodismo
CSI trabajando en las fosas comunes del Congo RD (c)Ofelia de Pablo/Javier Zurita

Rwanda condemns UN ‘genocide’ Congo report

Filmmakers Ofelia de Pablo and Javier Zurita filmed the first training in forensics of Congolese police and army personnel who will excavate of graves where the RPF’s victims are believed to lie, and interviews with survivors from those massacres in the late 1990s, which suggest that – at the very least – President Kagame has a case to answer.

And we’ve gone back to our own archive, and found pictures of some of the massacres cited in the UN report.

We saw just a little of what was happening, and the UN report confirms our worst fears.