• “Football for Hope” Project

    Ofelia de Pablo y Javier Zurita Fútbol para la Esperanza Portada

    The new stage of the ‘Football for Hope’ project has been inaugurated. This project addresses the integration of migrant communities, gender equality, and the fight against social exclusion through the medium of a soccer ball. The project is a large traveling exhibition that has already been showcased in Madrid and Córdoba at the Casa Árabe venues, the Casa África facilities […]

  • ‘Sharing the Land’ awarded WILDSCREEN UK for WWF

    Award-winning documentary film by Hakawatifilm for WWF #LIFEproject. Wildscreen Festival, the world’s leading international festival about nature and conservation films. Wolves were taken to the brink of extinction in the 70s. Today the species is recovering slowly. But the conflict between shepherds and wolves continues. Is coexistence possible?

  • Migrant workers speak out ‘Plastic Sea’. Investigation for The Guardian UK

    Ofelia de Pablo y Javier Zurita The Guardian Almería Migrant workers investigation

    In Almería’s vast farms, migrants pick food destined for UK supermarkets. But these ‘essential workers’ live in shantytowns and lack PPE as Covid cases soar Our investigation for THE OBSERVER MAGAZINE UK