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Ofelia de Pablo, Javier Zúrita, Exhibición Fútbol para la Esperanza en Casa Árabe por HJakawatifgilm

«Football for Hope Project» exhibition project

  Inaugurada nueva etapa del proyecto Fútbol para la Esperanza. Un proyecto que habla de #igualdaddegénero, lucha contra #exclusion social e #integración de las comunidades migrantes de la mano de un balón de #fútbol.  El proyecto es una gran exposición que se puede ver hasta 4 de Febrero en las sedes de Casa Árabe de Madrid y Córdoba    

21st Century Geishas for National Geographic

«They are moving works of art who have found a way to combine secular traditions with mobile phones, to the rhythm of the shamishen»  

The Guardian_hakawatifilm_ofelia-de-pablo-javier-zurita

Black Clouds over Turkish Women

Under Erdogan’s rule, the Turkish government has been shrinking the rights of women, along with those of the media, minorities, and independent judges. The government has pushed legislation that restricts abortion, shifted programs from protecting women to supporting families, and changed the education system to promote Islamic teachings and encourage wearing the head scarf for girls as young as 10.

Congo DR: First Women’s Forensic Team

Four women are raped every five minutes in the Democratic Republic of Congo.It has led it to become known as the rape capital of the world.The report coincides with the completion of the training of the first team of Congolese forensic science investigators, first ever in the continent.

Juan, pastor protagonista de Sharing the Land, film de Hakawatifilm dirigido por Ofelia de Pablo y Javier Zurita
Doñana_Ofelia de Pablo_Javier Zurita_Hakawatifilm